code for nashville

We Need More than Just Coders

Interested in Event Planning? We are always planning our next big event, so someone to help with the logistics will always be needed.

Interested in Photography? We would love beautiful photos to include in our sites whether it is of our events or Nashville at large.

Interested in PR and Marketing? Help spread the word about our apps to the public. Facebook, Twitter, etc. If an app is fully developed and deployed, but there is no one to use it, does it make a sound?

Interested in Design? Help make our apps look and feel beautiful. Design logos and layouts for our promotional materials. If you think some of our sites can use a makeover, send us your designs!

Interested in Copy and/or Content Writing? Writing blog posts, creating flyers and brochures, and helping with content is a must.

Have an idea? Looking for ideas?

If you are just looking for new ideas or want to contribute one of your own, check out the CfN idea board. Here, you can also see our guidelines for prototype submission to become a Code for Nashville project and what projects we're currently working on.

How to Help (Coders)

Here are some issues we can use your help with right now!

We use GitHub to house our codebase and GitHub Flow for open source changes. You will need an account with GitHub to make code contributions.

Pick an issue that interests you and clone the repo. Each repo has a ReadMe that gives setup instructions. If you have issues, we're happy to help.

Create a branch, test your code, and submit a pull request when you're ready. Participate in the issue chats to let us now what you have going on.

Allow a member to look over your code and when it is approved, we'll pull it in.

Feel the sweet success of coding for your community!

Want to be a Member?

Meet us! Find our next meetup and come to the event. That way, we can all meet each other and get you set up with our latest happenings.

Talk with our New Member Liaison. There are always projects going on and our liaison will help you transition into a project that aligns with your interests and our needs.

Contribute! CfN is only as strong as its participating members. Whether it is through content, design, marketing, or code, CfN is always improving and trying to improve Nashville life through our open source apps.

Join! Fill out this form to gain official membership (with voting rights).

Where to Find Us


This is where you can find dates for our monthly hack nights and leadership meetings. Each event is listed on at least three weeks from the date. Here you can RSVP for an event, view what will be discussed each meeting and see who is attending.

Google Drive

Google Drive is where we store documents like meeting notes, protocols, etc. We have a publicly viewable folder and a private one. To view the private one or get write access to either contact us. or ask at a hack night.


GitHub is our primary base for communication and for current and past projects. Here you will find a list of our projects including a basic overview of each project, its code and progress. We also have a tracker where problems not specific to a project can be discussed. Please email or ask at a hack night to be added to our GitHub organization.